Phone Apps

Phone Apps

Here are some of the useful things we’ve been using while cycling.


This maps app for your phone has points of interest and most paths and roadways. The best feature is that wherever you are the Maps.ME will use your location to download maps to use offline. Meaning you can hit a Wi-Fi spot in a strange place, grab a map for your phone, and go … Very handy app to minimize data usage.

To Learn Spanish (or whatever language) while on the go.
CONS: Requires a Data Connection — lots of quirky phrases that don’t make that much sense
PROS: Helps learn spelling and pronunciation. Very intuitive and rewarding to use.

Dollar to Peso
This app pulls the current exchange rate off the Internet and lets you convert between dollars and pesos on your phone. Helpful when trying to figure out how much something costs or how much money you should be receiving from a ATM or the amount of a charge on your credit or debit card.

Numeros: Spanish Numbers
Helpful to use to understand the words to use for Spanish numbers. You can type in the numeric value and the app provides you with the words to express the value. i.e. 0 = Cero. 5421 = Cinco mil cuatrocientos vientiunos… Mucho ayuda.

Unit Converter Ultimate
Helpful in getting the kilogram to pound and mile to kilometer conversion values cemented in our brains
This app converts everything and requires no special privileges on your phone.

Google Translate
This app is amazing, although the phrasing is often wrong… it’s good enough to get you what you need.
Two fantastic features of this app are real-time image translation and voice translation. With photo (essentially video) translation you can point the phone camera at signs or menus and the app translates from the language to English in real time and even when you are off-line. With audio translation you or someone else can speak in the language of choice and the app will translate the words to another language. Helpful when somebody says something to you that you don’t understand, but you can repeat it back to them while translating at the same time. The app also allows you to save phrases so that you can quickly access words and phrases that you need.

Google Maps
Helpful for finding places, paths, roads. Don’t under-estimate the power of Street View to see if a road would be safe to travel or has a place for food or lodging even if the business isn’t listed on the map.
Satellite view also helps with finding out if there are cities, beaches, roads, clearing to camp… etc.

Connecting with people around the globe. Facebook outside of the USA is also often used by local businesses in lieu of a website or google maps listing. So when in unfamiliar areas it’s not a bad idea to open up Facebook, choose ‘Nearby’ under the menu and look for restaurants or hotels. You can find a lot more local flavor that would be missed by a more formal listing like Google Maps.

GPS Tracker for WordPress
We use this app to update a map on our website from our phone. Really easy to use, just turn it on when you want to add a new pin or set of pins to the map. Helps keep people up to date on our actual location without a lot of effort on our part.

Like Google Maps this app shows you a map. The advantage of this app is that you can load custom GPX points onto the map to help navigate. The app can record your track as well. We used this app to load map points for every state and national camping location in America. We could then look at the map and navigate day to day between camping locations very easily.

An accommodation app just for cyclists.

Amazon Music
We download and listen to some music here via our Amazon Prime account.

    Apps we are testing

not useful yet…

You can sometimes find hotel deals globally on Agoda and prices are in the local currency. The app really only shows the more expensive locations that can afford an internet presence, but there are discounts to be had.

Google Trips
Trying to use this app to sightsee, but it hasn’t been terribly helpful yet.

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