Day 17: Almost to Shawnee National Forest

Day 17: Almost to Shawnee National Forest

Stories from the road soon…

Last night we stayed in the state park on the shore of Rend Lake. A man-made lake constructed in 1970, I believe. 

Nice and sunny today, we had a short ride and a 10mph tailwind.

So far today we’ve purchased 3/4 pound of Pepperjack Cheese for $5, taken a shower, found a hat on the road, and I, Ryan, was bitten by a dog whose owner swore up and down his dog wouldn’t hurt us up until the moment the dog attempted to take a bite out of my leg.  Anyway, pants are fine and I’ve got a slight bruise. Send money. Send whiskey. Everything will be OK. 

We took it easy and got on the road at 1pm reaching our destination before 5pm. 
Stopped to take a break about 3/4 of the way through our 26 mile ride today and a guy on a motorcycle asked us if we were OK. First person to do that in a long time. Nobody even stopped to help when Esme’s rear bike rack exploded yesterday…. But that’s another story. 

Here’s the view where we were stopped. 

Tonight we’re camped outside the Shawnee National Forest in Johnson City, Illinois. 

Camping at arrowhead lake park for $10. Showers, Wi-Fi, pay laundry, and just a tent site with a picnic table. 

The host was having a book tour guest and a gospel bluegrass potluck tonight so we joined in and shared some of our food, listened to music, and heard the word of salvation to be born again. 

It’s so chilly here Esme is wrapped up early. 

On the road early tomorrow and into the woods!

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