Day 10: The KOA to St. Louis

Day 10: The KOA to St. Louis

We got up late and bummed around. We only had about twenty miles to Rick and Dena’s place where we were staying. 

So we packed up our things and hit the road I drank the last beer left over from the night before while we pedaled again a twenty plus mile an hour wind. 

We came to a bridge crossing the river and in the middle the crosswinds were so bad they broke my hat off and nearly knocked me off the bike. Esme got off and walked across. 

As we approached the next bridge we noticed a couple of women trying to lift a big dog into their car. I asked if they needed help as I finished my beer. They said yes and so we lifted the elderly dog into the SUV. The women, who were traveling from Wisconsin, were grateful and I think the dog was too. 

We headed over the chain of rocks bridge and onto the river trail that would take us into North St Louis. 

In the middle of the bridge we dismounted and admired the winds and the view. 

After pedaling another four hours and eighteen miles into the wind

…and stopping at a coffee shop in North Saint Louis, we reached Rick and Dena’s. 

Later we went out for dinner and Esmé slept while the rest of us enjoyed a night at the Venice Cafe.

… And some late night pizza. 

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