Day 8: Into the wind to Greenfield, Illinois

Day 8: Into the wind to Greenfield, Illinois

We woke early to strong South headwinds and cold temperatures in the mid-fifties. 
We packed up quickly and headed to the office expecting a breakfast buffet only to learn that last weekend was the end of the buffets for the season… 

So we pedaled on into the wind for over an hour until we reached the town of Jacksonville, Illinois where the city was holding a parade in the town’s honor. 

Esme enjoying a parade

The town had a town square surrounded by a traffic circle with free Wi-Fi in the down town. 

We stopped into the local coffee shop and has a coffee while we talked to a few locals. One man was a cyclist and he was talking about bicycles with drive shafts instead of chains. Very interesting concept. He showed me the website of a company that produces the bikes. Interesting, but not geared towards touring like we’re doing. 

We headed across the square to a local bar and had some lunch before pedaling South through the town and over the interstate. 

The wind was gusting over twenty miles an hour and for yet another day I had to cut our predetermined destination and pick a closer location. The wind was just relentless. 

I found a small town with a campground that had showers for $10 or $15

I left a message for the fee collector and headed toward the campground some twenty miles away from Jacksonville. 

We reached Greenfield at dusk and stopped at the local gas station for a snack. The attendant filled us in on all the things in town… The dollar general and the grocery store. 

We bought summer Gatorade and chocolate milk and proceeded to bike to the campground before it was completely dark. 

We made camp and met some of the other campers who were staying in their RVs. 
They said the fee guy shows up around dark to collect the money, so we got our money ready and set up the tent overlooking the lake. 

We made dinner and then used their showerhouse to take a fantastic hot showers.

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