Day 7: Havana to Crazy Horse Campground

Day 7: Havana to Crazy Horse Campground

We woke up early, but still took over three hours to get ready and packed. We departed mid-morning opting to take some back roads against the advisement of the Garmin GPS unit rather than brave the busy highway we’d rode in on the night before. 

The winds were in the upper teens gusting over twenty miles an hour. Every pedal forward all day was like pushing through mud. 

We still managed to squeak out forty knee buckling miles. 

We stopped in the city hall of Ashland, Illinois just before closing and asked about camping in a city park or somewhere near there and they said no, but they did help us find a few nearby options. 

So after a piece of Casey’s gas station pizza, we agreed to pedal on another eleven miles to pay $18 to camp for the night at a local campground. Most of the campground had shut down for the winter but there were plenty of RVs still parked and partying. 

We pedaled all day and at dusk just barely made it to the Crazy Horse Campground outside of Pretense, Illinois. 

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