Day 6: A day off in Havana, Illinois

Day 6: A day off in Havana, Illinois

Today was Esme’s birthday. We went out for breakfast / lunch at the local diner which has some really poor quality from-a-can food. 

I ordered the ruben sandwich as a treat to myself and it came out looking like this. I took a bite and didn’t even get any meat. For $7, I felt I should get some meat in every bite. 

I felt like a jerk, but seven dollars is worth refusing the sandwich. 

She returned a bit later with a remade sandwich.

The damage was done, the sandwich was not anywhere near my expectations, but I ate it and moved on. 

The damage for a soda, two meals, some jalapeño cheese poppers, and a cup of instant coffee was $28. Too rich for my blood. The pain of spending that much for little really stung me. 

The parking lot of the local fresh seafood market… There’s no ocean for 1,000 miles…

We went for a walk to find a hardware and a grocery store and see the town on our day off. 

The grocery store was closed for good and the hardware store near us only rented equipment. So after wandering around for almost an hour we went back to the room. 

I worked on a few projects and Esmé took a nap… A long nap. 

When she got up I was in a foul mood over the wasted day… Even though it was her birthday. 

We decided to go walk to down town and see if there was a hardware store or grocery store. It was after five and everything was already starting to shut down in this small town. 

We made it to the hardware store, bought some rags and epoxy and went back to the motel to clean our bikes.  

On the way back we stopped at the gas station and bought a few beers to help pass the time of adjusting and cleaning. 

When we left the hardware store we saw there was a live music performance at the local theater, but we didn’t make it in time due to the bicycle maintenance. 

We stayed up for a few hours watching Halloween horror movies and splurging late night on six double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s across the street for less than $7.

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