Day 4: Wyoming to Jubilee College State Park

Day 4: Wyoming to Jubilee College State Park

We decided to spend part of the morning going through our bags and deciding if there were things to be sent back. For one, because we brought too much stuff, and for reason two, we were moving slow. 

We stopped on Wyoming around noon with a large bag of things to mail home… Boots, sweater, extra bike parts, and a few other odds and ends. 

After unloading a few pounds for a few bucks at the post office we connected with another bike trail that ran through Wyoming Illinois on the bed of an old rail line. 

We followed the trail to head to our previous night’s missed destination of Jubilee College State Park which was just a few miles off the bike trail to the South. 

The wind had been blowing at over ten miles an hour and right in our faces. The canal had provided some protection from the wind in previous days and we were hoping this trail would too. 

Unfortunately we were forced to abandon the trail only a few miles along. 

Every detour is a chance for snacks!

We made out way around the collapsed trail and across dusty country roads pinned between harvested fields of soybeans and corn. 
Eventually finding our way back onto the trail…

… And at our trail turn off miles later, we came across a Mexican restaurant. How could we not stop?

When we reached the state park, we met with the camp hosts and paid the $8 fee for vault toilets, a picnic table, fresh water, and a fire ring. 

Illinois State Park toilets leave you wanting…

We setup camp and attached a few new guy lines because we were expecting some rain, possibly before we woke.

That is a lot of junk

We had Mac and Cheese for dinner with some flax seed added in. Prior to cooking the main course we made our first attempt at camp popcorn and that turned out delicious. 

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