Day 3: Canal and on to Wyoming, Illinois

Day 3: Canal and on to Wyoming, Illinois

Surviving the vault toilets and onslaught of mosquitos at dusk we woke at dawn and prepared some breakfast in the dew laden grass.

Many more miles of trailway was ahead of us and after about ten miles the gravel path had been paved.  

Lots of walnuts on the path… Which required a dismount or precision navigation. 

Esme in the jungles of Western Illinois. 

We left the trail for expediencies sake and headed straight South in an attempt to make up the miles lost to gravel trails the day prior. 

Around 4:30pm about twenty miles short of our attempted destination we stopped into the town of Wyoming, Illinois and the local coffee shop. 

We inquired if there was anywhere near by for us to pitch a tent. The women behind the counter had a few ideas and we went outside to wait for our food and decide where to sleep. 

Shortly there after the manager, Michelle (or Melissa?), Came out with a bag of scones for us to have and a plan to have us camp at the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds board member came up to the coffee shop and said we could camp at the fairgrounds in the pole barn for $15 with access to electricity, bathrooms, and showers. 

It was a bit spendy, but we were low on options and it was getting dark. 

While we were getting the bikes setup and the gear off them, my bike tipped over and shattered my side mirror. 

Esme spent a lot of the night awake listening to the tin roof contract under the cooling air and talking about how contracting tin was exactly what a serial killer would want us to think. 

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