Day 2: Prophetstown to somewhere on the Hennipin Canal

Day 2: Prophetstown to somewhere on the Hennipin Canal

We packed up in the cold during our first morning on the road. 

We made some plain oatmeal mixed with ten year old instant packets, Esmé and I choked it down, filled our water bottles, and hit the road to intersect with the Hennipin Canal.

Lots of gravel today…

Some paved roads…

We passed through the birth place of Ronald Reagan and ate some Casey’s gas station pizza (Esme’s favorite) and a left over beer (my favorite) for lunch while staring at the grain elevators next to the city park. 

We’d had a nice stretch of paved roads and expected the trail to be paved too…

But it turns out the canal trail is gravel.

We ran into two women on horses riding on the bike and foot path. The lead horse was very uncomfortable with the bicycles and the two of us. The woman asked us to speak so the horse would know we’re people. I’d already spoken but the woman didn’t hear me. Next we stepped way back and after a few tense minutes the woman finally coaxed her unnerved horse past the stationary bicycles. 
The canal was quite the feat in engineering with the techniques used here later replicated in the Panama Canal. 

With the gravel trail slowing our pace we decided to make camp at a boat landing with vault toilets along the canal. 

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