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We’re chronicling our journey in life on (and off) bikes from the Upper Midwest of the United States to Mexico and beyond…

Where To Start? 

If it’s your first time on our site and you want to get all caught up, a good place to start is by reading our Journal from The Road.

For another take on our trip, go to Esme’s Journal of Her Thoughts.

What’s Going On Right Now?

Currently we’re regrouping and discussing alterations for round two of this crazy adventure…

Who says we had to get it right the first time around, anyway?

The Story Thus Far

What started as Ryan feeding his curiosity to leave the rat race and live by combining his love of meeting new people, exploring, and cycling has turned into a shared endeavor with Esme as a couple rather than a solo adventure. In our travels together, we’re seeking out new life and new civilizations cultures, making lasting friends, and inevitably getting to know ourselves a little better along the way, too.

The Purpose of this Website

Our intention with this website is to show people what is actually involved with choosing this lifestyle. What is this lifestyle?  I don’t know exactly, I think that’s something that we’ll be figuring out how to quantify together.  In these digital archive we share more than where we are, what we’re doing, and all the great (and not so great) food we’re eating.

Our purpose here is to put on display how we are (or aren’t) able to turn our dream into a reality and the circumstances that present us with decisions that shape the course of our lives, long term and day-to-day. By sharing our thoughts and experiences we hope to build connections that resonate with some aspect of the lives and experiences of, you, the reader.

For the bike-packing or outdoors enthusiast, we express our thoughts about gear and products (past and present). For the 9-5-ers dreaming of a way out, we provide overviews of our personal financials and how we we are or aren’t making ends meet. We also offer a window into how we live day-to-day, from riding, eating, and sleeping to what it’s like maintaining a relationship in close quarters.

Inside these pages you are introduced to friends we meet along the way, who stand as a reminder that the world is full of people who are eager to offer help without solicitation or reward, or people who simply want to make a connection, even if just for a brief moment.

We’re all in this together and that’s why we think it’s important to lay everything on the table putting ourselves out there for the world to see.

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